1. Oribi Travelers Guide

Information on how to find our facility as well as suggested dining, hotels, and entertainment for our out-of-town guests

279.23 KB 14 Feb 2023
2. Carbon Fiber PA6 Data Sheet

General description, physical, mechanical, and thermal properties of Carbon Fiber PA6

583.92 KB 9 Apr 2021
3. The Re:Build Way

Re:Build Manufacturing is taking a unique approach to on-shoring here in the USA.

493.47 KB 7 May 2021
4. Carbon Fiber ATV/UTV Wheel Brochure

Oribi has revolutionized the ATV/UTV market by producing the first practical CFR-TP carbon fiber wheel. These wheels are lighter and more resilient than standard aluminum wheels. Download this brochure to learn more.

7.51 MB 25 Jun 2021
5. Axial Fan White Paper

Through a unique approach to design, Oribi Composites is effectively leveraging the use of advanced composites (CFR-TP’s) which is proving to have a significantly positive impact on air volume and power consumption for axial fans.

860.49 KB 19 Nov 2021