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Oribi customer Vita Inclinata’s HEROIC Mission

In a recent heroic mission, Vita Inclinata successfully hand-delivered their Vita Rescue System to the Ukrainian State Emergency Service in an active war zone. CEO Caleb Carr’s passion for helping others led him and his team to provide vital rescue technology to those who need it most. The Vita Rescue System is designed for helicopter rescue load stabilization, allowing emergency crews to complete hoists faster and safer than with a traditional rescue basket and tagline. With support from the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Emergency Service, Carr and his team are making a difference for people who are fighting for their lives. Oribi Composites is proud to supply the CFR-TP structural components that help make the Vita Rescue System one of the most advanced rescue systems available. With Carr’s passion for helping others, the Vita Rescue System is sure to make a difference for those who need it most.

Oribi customer Vita Inclinata's HEROIC Mission

Vita CEO, Caleb Carr demonstrates how to properly use the Vita Rescue System to the Ukrainian State Emergency Service

The Vita Rescue System is a cutting-edge piece of technology that is helping to change the way that rescue operations are conducted. The system has been independently tested by the US Military, a customer of Vita, and found to be four times faster than the standard tagline systems. This new system is changing the way that rescues are conducted and is helping to save lives. Vita CEO Caleb Carr said, “We took the capability that the U.S. Army is actively deploying today and brought it to the next level, giving the ability to deploy rapid extraction capabilities to the Ukraine military.” This new system is revolutionizing rescue operations and is making a difference in the lives of those who need it most. Thanks to Carr and his team, people in need can be rescued faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Oribi customer Vita Inclinata's HEROIC Mission

The Vita Rescue System, utilizing eight Oribi CFR-TP structural components

Delivering the Vita Rescue System to the State Emergency Service in Ukraine is an incredible accomplishment for Caleb and Vita Inclinata. We are proud to be a part of this technology and excited about what the future holds for our partnership. Have you seen the Vita Rescue System in action? If not, we highly recommend checking out their website – the stories and videos of their life-saving technology are truly inspiring.

Oribi customer Vita Inclinata's HEROIC Mission

The Ukrainian helicopter newly outfitted with the Vita Rescue System

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