Delivering on the promise of advanced composites.

Advanced composites enable the creation of a more efficient, sustainable next generation of aircraft. The proven material choice to lightweight our skies, advanced composites exhibit an unrivaled strength and stiffness-to-weight ratio, improving fuel economy and contributing to a sigificant reduction of harmful C02 emissions. Oribi’s revolutionary 3D FORM and SPIN processing technologies enable aircraft designers to use advanced composites affordably for applications including interior components, seating structures, primary and secondary structures, proposulsion systems and other hardware such as clips, plates, stiffeners and brackets.

Delivering On The Promise Of Advanced Composites

By combining highly automated and precise manufacturing processes with rapidly formable material chemistries, Oribi has unlocked the potential for creating the lightest and greenest generation of flying vehicles in our lifetime.

Let us take the weight.

Additionally, structural, cosmetic, and functional features can be efficiently integrated into final components through our Oribi Over Mold technology, further reducing final part assemblies and secondary finishing. Injection over-molding structural continuous fiber thermoplastic reinforced parts delivers enhanced design freedom and structural performance in a single manufacturing process.

Let Us Take The Weight

High volume, affordable structural solutions.

Our vertically integrated process places material exactly where needed, from material layup to manufacture, resulting in a near 100% buy-to-fly ratio, reducing material waste, and creating highly efficient, cost-effective structures.

Additionally, thermoplastic composites can be recycled, thereby extending end-of-life possibilities and contributing towards a more sustainable future.

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Tough and abrasion resistant, thermoplastic composites perform in high-volume and wear applications such as aircraft interiors

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Fire Resistant

Thermoplastic composites meet fire, smoke and toxicity safety requirements for interior applications

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Advanced composites provide the greatest stiffness and strength to weight ratio at the lightest possible weight

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High Volume Production

Thermoplastic composites are rapidly formed into final part geometries in minutes, making them the perfect high-performance material for volume applications.

The benefits of thermoplastic composites.

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