Quality matters.

At Oribi, dedication to quality and operational excellence underpins everything we do. Our robust planning and precise control measures ensure every part we produce meets or exceeds quality standards and product specifications for the most demanding applications imaginable.

Quality Matters

Oribi's engineering and quality teams focuse on designing, developing, and delivering products that exceed our customers' expectations.

Quality standards.

Our growing customer base is a testament to our drive and ability to produce high quality parts, on time and within budget. Our goal is to provide a best-in-class composite manufacturing solution, and a strategic solution for our customers to meet their end-user demands and build long term partnerships. Our practices will provide assurance that we have the highest level of Quality in the products, services, and solutions for our customers.

We apply rigorous engineering design processes to adhere to industry regulations and conform to quality standards. This includes all the activities related to the analysis of a good’s design and development.

The Oribi quality team has decades of testing experience and understands that the goal of quality in product development is achieving planned levels of excellence.

The team understands the importance of quality assurance in the highly regulated military & industrial markets we serve and has extensive experience with test planning, execution, and reporting, as well as tool and process validation.

Delivering on quality.

Our quality team is also responsible for building and maintaining the Oribi Quality Management System (QMS) within which the Oribi Product Development Process (PDP) functions. The framework for our design controls and configuration management processes is built into the QMS, while the PDP provides the guidance and best practices for tailoring those requirements to a variable landscape of development projects, industries, and client needs.

The PDP also outlines how projects are managed, executed, and maintained for our customers, with the overall goal of ensuring product excellence while maintaining flexibility to meet our customer needs.

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