Protecting what matters.

In mission-critical environments it is vital that every part performs to its highest potential to ensure personal safety, equipment reliability, and operational success.

Thermoplastic composites offer significant end-user benefits and are increasingly being adopted by the military and first responders to provide substantial weight savings, reduced part cost, and high performance in the most demanding and operationally critical environments.

From personal protective equipment to land systems and beyond, the versatility of thermoplastic composites means they are the perfect choice for reducing the weight and optimizing a diverse range of application areas and final part geometries.

Exceeding industry standards with Oribi.

Integrate part functionality through our modular automated manufacturing cells, significantly reducing overall part cost and ensuring highly repeatable parts with tight tolerances

Tailored material configurations including reinforcement (carbon, glass, and aramid (Kevlar®) to create materially efficient, lightweight structures

Integrate surface finishes to increase stealth and camouflage reducing need for expensive secondary finishing

Qualified to comply with environmental and impact test standards including NFPA 1971, SAR, DOT, NIJ Ballistic Resistance Standard and more.

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Thermoplastic composites are inherently tough and durable to protect what matters in the most demanding applications

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Thermally Stable

Designed to perform in extreme environments, thermoplastic composites are thermally stable, ensuring performance across a wide range of temperatures

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Reducing part weight, while maintaining performance, reduces user fatigue, increasing range of operation, mobility, and capacity for carrying essential equipment

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Non Corrosive

Thermoplastic composites deliver outstanding solvent resistance, including fuel and hydraulic fluids, reducing infield maintenance, and increasing part life and reliability

The benefits of thermoplastic composites.

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