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Re:Build Manufacturing Announces A New Line of Thermoplastic Composite Tubes

Re:Build Manufacturing Announces A New Line of Advanced, Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composite Tubes and Profiles

Re:Build Manufacturing is pleased to announce its latest breakthrough product: a new line of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic (CFRTP) tubes and profiles, produced at Re:Build’s Oribi Composites facility in Denver, Colorado.

Nearly all composite tubes and profiles available today utilize thermoset resin matrices to support the fiber reinforcement or use non-continuous fiber reinforcements. These materials, while light and stiff, are typically lower in toughness and durability, and are not recyclable. Re:Build’s newly developed production technology offers several key benefits for users including improved impact resistance, vibration dampening, corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance, durability, and recyclability. Ideal applications for these components include sporting goods shafts, aerospace and automotive tubes and tie rods, medical components, and robotic frames and arms.

By utilizing proprietary, highly automated processes developed by Re:Build Manufacturing’s automation team, the components will meet stringent performance requirements at a lower price when compared to thermoset materials. In addition, by using proprietary layup and modeling software, Re:Build’s engineers can optimize the composite layups virtually, and validate manufacturability of complex parts with less iteration, for a lower total cost. “By combining a unique, automated layup and forming process with robust modeling and simulation tools, we are able to develop and supply high performance structural thermoplastic tubes and profiles to fulfill demand in the industry” said Steven Mead, Chief Commercial Officer, Re:Build Manufacturing. He continued, “Our customers have been asking us for years for thermoplastic tubes and profiles, and we are now able to offer an affordable, high-volume production solution. When you combine this with our continuous compression molding and high-pressure thermoforming capabilities, Re:Build can design and produce nearly any geometry using continuous fiber thermoplastic materials.” The tubes will be available with a wide range of glass, carbon, and Kevlar fibers, and will employ a wide range of thermoplastic polymers, including PA6, PEI, PPS, and many others. Customer deliveries will commence in the first quarter of 2024.

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