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Re:Build Manufacturing Announces the Launch of a New Cost Estimating Tool for Composite Materials

Re:Build Manufacturing is pleased to announce the launch of their new web-based cost estimating tool for continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite parts.  This is the first online quoting tool available for this class of materials, and will allow customers to get quotes for composite components in a matter of minutes. 

A common misconception about fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite materials is that they are very expensive, and therefore are reserved only for applications in the aerospace, defense, or other high-spec industrial applications.  While this was the case many years ago, material suppliers have made enormous strides in driving the cost of the raw materials down; at the same time, companies like Re:Build Manufacturing, and our Denver, CO, Avon, OH, and Rock Hill, SC production sites, have developed and implemented high speed, low cost production methods to turn the materials into finished structural components affordably.  As a result of these efforts, this class of materials can now be considered for a much wider range of applications and industries.

“Our extensive capabilities and processing technologies, our strong partnerships with materials suppliers, and our transparent approach to pricing, help our customers understand much more easily and quickly if thermoplastic composites are right for their program”, says Steven Mead, President of Re:Build Manufacturing’s Advanced Materials Group.  “By using our cost estimator, customers can see in real-time how the adoption of thermoplastic parts can fit their budget.”     

The quoting tool, developed as a collaboration between Re:Build’s composite engineering team and core software group, is intuitive and straightforward to use by anyone. By simply answering a few questions about the desired component, and uploading a part model, a quote is generated and emailed directly to the customer in just a few minutes.  Along with the quoting tool, Re:Build has a team of composite engineers with expertise in thermoplastic composite materials and processing methods, ready to provide technical guidance at any step of the process.    

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