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Thermoplastic Composite and Carbon Fiber Tubes and Profiles

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Re:Build Oribi Composites has taken our innovative manufacturing automation processes and applied them to high-volume production of thermoplastic composite tubes and profiles. The result is a line of tubes, shafts, sticks, or profiles available in a variety of thermoplastic composite materials that provide unparalleled performance at a price point competitive with traditional metals and plastics.

Advantages of Composite and Carbon Fiber Tubes and Profiles

Tube and tubing made of composite materials provide significant advantages over traditional metals or plastics. The benefits of composite tubing include:

Superior Strength-to-Weight Ratio: Tubes made of composite materials provide incredible strength and durability without the weight of traditional metals.

Corrosion and Weather Resistance: Composite tubes perform well regardless of the environmental conditions, making them ideal solutions for industries such as military, aerospace, and sporting goods.

High Impact Resistance: Tubes made of composite materials such as carbon fiber can withstand significant impacts without damaging the performance of the product.

Vibration Dampening: The vibration-dampening nature of composite materials ensures stability and reduced wear-and-tear. For applications such as sporting goods or safety products, transitioning to carbon fiber can be a game-changer for the user.

Consistent Thermal Stability: Composite tubes are stable and maintain their performance and integrity across a wide range of temperatures.

Electrical Insulation: This feature of carbon fiber tubes provides both enhanced functionality and safety for any type of electrical application.

Design Adaptability: Looking for a custom application for tubes or tubing? Since composite materials can be easily formed and reformed, they allow designers and engineers to create more intricate and better-optimized products than tubes made of traditional materials.

Applications of Composite and Carbon Fiber Tubes and Profiles

The performance advantages of composite tubes and profiles translates to significant opportunities in a variety of industries, including:

Transportation: Composite tubes are stronger, lighter, and more corrosive resistant, making them ideal candidates for the transportation industry, especially with electric vehicles where weight saving is critical.

Sporting Goods: The high strength-to-weight ratio combined with high impact resistance and vibration dampening make composite tubes the ideal material for products such as hockey sticks, lacrosse sticks, golf clubs, and bicycles. Carbon fiber tubes optimize the performance of sporting goods products without sacrificing durability.

Medical Devices: The precision and reliability created by composite materials is especially crucial for medical devices such as diagnostic equipment.

Robotics: The high and lightweight nature of composite tubes make them ideal for the structural components of robotics.

Marine: Durable and corrosive-resistant components are critical for any marine application.

Aerospace: Strong and lightweight composite tubes help with fuel efficiency and allow greater flexibility and design innovation.

Selecting the Best Composite Material Option for Tubes and Tubing

There are many options when it comes to composite materials manufacturing. Each fiber type has unique characteristics that need to be taken into account when developing products using composite tube.

Some of the more popular composite fiber options include:

Carbon Fiber: When most people think of composite materials they first think of carbon fiber. Tubes made from carbon fiber offer unparalleled strength and light weight, but at a premium price.

Glass Fibers (Fiberglass): Fiberglass composite tubes are a lower cost alternative to carbon fiber or Kevlar fiber. Tubes and tubing made from fiberglass have excellent strength-to-weight compared to traditional materials and are a great balance of performance and cost.

Kevlar Fiber: Tubes and profiles made from kevlar fibers are lightweight, have high tensile strength, and good abrasion resistance. While generally more expensive than fiberglass tubes, tubes made from Kevlar fibers offer advanced durability at a lower price point than carbon fiber.

All Re:Build Oribi Composites Tubes Are Made in the USA

Re:Build Oribi Composites makes all of our products, including tubes and profiles, in the USA. Our mission is to rebuild American manufacturing and to that end, we have made significant investments in plants and manufacturing technology in the US to allow us to compete with global production. Learn more about our commitment to rebuilding US manufacturing at

Specifications for Tubes and Profiles from Re:Build Oribi Composites:

The engineering and manufacturing wizards at ReBuild Oribi Composites can design and manufacture tubes to meet your specific requirements. The following are the general specifications for the tubes we manufacture:


  • Min = .5 inches
  • Max = 3 inches

Wall Thicknes:

  • Min = .03
  • Max = .25”


  • Max = 42 inches

Material options:

  • Carbon Fiber
  • Glass Fiber (Fiberglass)
  • Any thermoplastic resin compatible fiber

Connect with the Composite Tube and Profile Experts at Re:Build Oribi Composites

The team at Re:Build Oribi Composites can work with you to make sure that you get composite tubes that meet your specific needs. From stock tube in standard sizes and materials to custom tube made from more exotic fibers, the team at Re:Build Oribi Composites can help you take your tubes to the next level.

Contact us to learn more about our composite tubes and innovative manufacturing processes.

Re:Build Manufacturing Announces the Launch of a New Cost Estimating Tool for Composite Materials

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Re:Build Manufacturing is pleased to announce the launch of their new web-based cost estimating tool for continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite parts.  This is the first online quoting tool available for this class of materials, and will allow customers to get quotes for composite components in a matter of minutes. 

A common misconception about fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite materials is that they are very expensive, and therefore are reserved only for applications in the aerospace, defense, or other high-spec industrial applications.  While this was the case many years ago, material suppliers have made enormous strides in driving the cost of the raw materials down; at the same time, companies like Re:Build Manufacturing, and our Denver, CO, Avon, OH, and Rock Hill, SC production sites, have developed and implemented high speed, low cost production methods to turn the materials into finished structural components affordably.  As a result of these efforts, this class of materials can now be considered for a much wider range of applications and industries.

“Our extensive capabilities and processing technologies, our strong partnerships with materials suppliers, and our transparent approach to pricing, help our customers understand much more easily and quickly if thermoplastic composites are right for their program”, says Steven Mead, President of Re:Build Manufacturing’s Advanced Materials Group.  “By using our cost estimator, customers can see in real-time how the adoption of thermoplastic parts can fit their budget.”     

The quoting tool, developed as a collaboration between Re:Build’s composite engineering team and core software group, is intuitive and straightforward to use by anyone. By simply answering a few questions about the desired component, and uploading a part model, a quote is generated and emailed directly to the customer in just a few minutes.  Along with the quoting tool, Re:Build has a team of composite engineers with expertise in thermoplastic composite materials and processing methods, ready to provide technical guidance at any step of the process.    

To try the tool today, please visit:

Bringing Industrial Projects to Life, Concept to Completion with the Acquisition of Optimation Technology

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Rochester, NY — October 6, 2021 — Re:Build Manufacturing announced the acquisition of Optimation Technology (Rochester, NY) significantly expanding and adding capabilities to their Total Production Solutions group.

Optimation Technology ( provides complete engineering, design, fabrication, and installation of processing equipment and factory automation for a variety of industries. Optimation executes each project with high quality workflows, integrated cross-disciplinary teams, and world class professionals. They can apply their expertise at any stage of an existing project or take an idea from concept to completion. Optimation’s core competency is the design of large-scale automation and complete plants across a broad set of industries, with expertise in chemical process design, web processing, material handling, assembly, and filling processes.

Established in 1985 by Bill Pollock (President and CEO), Optimation Technology has delivered high-value systems and services to a multitude of clients across many industries. This depth and breadth of experience will allow Optimation to have an immediate impact within Re:Build Manufacturing’s Total Production Solutions group in fulfilling the mission of bringing manufacturing back to the United States.

“Optimation was founded with a passion for manufacturing and the desire to provide industrial clients with a single source for projects ranging from simple upgrades to complete turnkey solutions. Our goal has been to develop lasting relationships with our clients, partnering together to promote and advance manufacturing here in the United States.  We are excited and honored to be joining Re:Build Manufacturing and their growing group of US based manufacturing companies whose vision complements our own but in a radically expanded way,” Bill Pollock, President and CEO of Optimation.

“Optimation is a key addition to our Total Production Solutions team, rapidly scaling our capabilities to design and build advanced manufacturing processes and equipment to service our customers in many industries,” said Chad Clawson, President of Re:Build Manufacturing Total Production Solutions group.

“Our goal at Re:Build Manufacturing is to drive the growth of engineering and manufacturing businesses in North America and to help our country re-establish the ability to compete in this critically important part of the economy. Optimation brings significant engineering talent into the Re:Build ecosystem. We see substantial opportunities for Optimation to contribute to Re:Build’s growth, including the production of machinery and plants for our Total Production Solutions and Advanced Materials group factories,” said Miles Arnone, CEO of Re:Build Manufacturing.

About Re:Build Manufacturing

Re:Build Manufacturing ( is dedicated to building a better future for its employees, customers, partners, communities, and shareholders through a new model of industrialization. Re:Build is focused on revitalizing America’s manufacturing base and creating meaningful, sustainable jobs in areas that have been deindustrialized over the past 20-30 years. Re:Build Advanced Materials Group is a leading provider of engineering, development, prototyping, and production of structural components for a wide range of applications and industries.


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