Oribi Over Mold process.

Oribi Over Mold unites the structural performance of continous fiber-reinforced composites with the geometric complexity of injection molding. Oribi Over Mold uses a structural component produced via the 3D FORM process, and then integrates structural, cosmetic, and functional features as a second injection molding step. Oribi Over Mold can also be used to apply in-mold graphics and other design features that reduce downstream assembly and labor, improve finished part performance, and meet higher production rate demands. Our modular automated robotic manufacturing cells allow a flexible yet highly cost-effective tailored approach to the high-volume manufacture of structural and durable parts, produced within tight tolerances and optimized for fit, form, and function.

Cosmetic additions include a range of colors for over-molded details and a class A surface finish.

Furthermore, by integrating injection molding into your part, post-manufacture assembly times can be significantly reduced, providing further cost advantages and efficiencies to your product in addition to optimizing weight advantages through reducing or eliminating the need for fasteners.

Oribi Over Mold Process

Oribi Over Mold Process

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